Mental Health Workshop for Teachers

Research has shown that two major factors in children’s school achievement and behaviour are the stability of the teacher’s presence in the classroom (how often the teacher is absent or leaves that role) and his or her emotional well-being. As we all know, teachers face increasing pressure, and the challenges of the job mean they need to be resilient and mentally healthy in order to provide the best for their students.

As former teachers we understand how demanding it can be to work in a school. For the well-being of both pupils and teachers it is vital that headteachers and other school leaders are able to identify mental health issues in their staff, and that they know how to minimise sources of stress in the workplace.

Why should your school take part?

  • Reducing staff turnover will lead to greater stability for your students, thereby improving academic achievement
  • Reducing staff absences will save you time and money
  • Promoting a positive environment for your school will improve the mental health of your staff and create better working relationships

How will your staff benefit from the workshop?

  • They will learn to identify and react appropriately to mental health problems in themselves and their colleagues
  • They will develop resilience to the stress of working in a school
  • They learn to assess and manage sources of stress more effectively

How will your students benefit?

  • Improvements in their teachers’ mental health and resilience will lead to greater achievement
  • They will enjoy a calm and stable learning environment
  • Their teachers’ resilience and emotional stability will provide an important role model for them
  • They will have better relationships with their teachers

Why should you choose Delphis?

  • We are a group of former teachers who understand the challenges of the school workplace
  • We have post-graduate backgrounds in education and psychology
  • We have the skills to design highly effective learning activities based on sound educational principles


Learning Objectives

As a delegate you will learn to:

  • Understand the signs and symptoms of a variety of common mental health disorders that may occur in your staff
  • Understand mental health as a continuum from wellness to illness and its links with work-related stress
  • Challenge the stigma surrounding mental health, and understand its seriousness as a social issue
  • Develop empathy for people living with a mental health problem
  • Develop the skills to react appropriately to members of staff who are in distress at your school
  • Understand the stress response, and recognise its signs and symptoms in yourself and other members of staff
  • Understand how to assess and manage possible sources of stress at your school
  • Understand how to build resilience in your staff to improve their mental health and their ability to cope with workplace stress


There is increasing recognition in the UK of a growing crisis of mental health among people of all ages – both students and teachers are affected. According to the TES ‘There is a crisis in teacher supply, the profession is having something close to a nervous breakdown, and teachers are fleeing in their thousands every year.’ Clearly this problem needs to be addressed if we are to maintain an effective education system for our children.

At Delphis we are committed to being part of the solution. This means increasing awareness of mental health and of how to develop resilience, but more importantly helping you work out how to to change the demands of the job which may harm mental health. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your school.


10:00 to 16:00


Delivered on-site, at a venue near you, or in York


Available on a date to suit you