Mental Health for Managers Training Course

Mental Health for Managers

This three-hour ‘Mental Health for Managers’ workshop is designed to educate your line managers about the benefits of taking a proactive approach to workplace mental health. It will equip them with the essential knowledge, skills and motivation they need to make positive changes to improve employee mental health and wellbeing in your workplace. Your company will see the benefits in terms of reduced absenteeism, improved productivity and fulfilment of your legal obligations.


Hour 1: Making the business case for mental health

There are three reasons successful businesses make the mental health of their employees a top priority. In this first session managers learn the benefits of:

  1. Proactively raising awareness of mental health issues to create a culture of resilience in their team.
  2. Understanding the moral obligations of creating an ethical working environment in a changing society.
  3. Compliance with employer responsibilities and employee rights within the UK legal framework.

By the end of the session, managers will recognise the importance of taking a proactive approach to mental health in the workplace as a means to reducing absence, decreasing presenteeism and improving productivity.

Hour 2: Changing attitudes and confronting stigma

Societal attitudes towards mental health have changed dramatically over the last decade. However, within many workplaces stigma and discrimination remains. In this session, managers will learn to recognise the thoughts and feelings that make up this stigma and challenge these negative beliefs by:

  • Exploring different meanings of ‘mental health’ and how the concept applies to us all
  • Understanding mental health as a continuum from wellness to illness
  • Applying the biopsychosocial model as a modern approach to understanding the many factors which contribute towards mental health

After this session, managers will know how and why attitudes towards mental health are changing and will be empowered to change attitudes within your organisation.

Hour 3: Essential skills for dealing with signs and symptoms

In this session, managers will be equipped with the necessary skills to help someone with a mental health condition in the workplace. They will learn to:

  • Recognise and deal appropriately with the signs and symptoms of a variety of mental health conditions
  • Follow a proven framework to make successful interventions with staff in need of help
  • Put this framework into action using emotionally intelligent body language and listening skills

At the end of this session, managers will have a greater awareness and confidence of when and how to make appropriate interventions with their staff.

Praise for our Mental Health for Managers workshop

“One of the best run workshops I’ve ever attended.”

“Brilliant content which was fully relevant to me and my company.”

“I loved the activities. Keeps you engaged at all times.”



Half day – 3 hours.


Delivered on site, at a venue local to you, or in York.


Available to suit you.