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Coping with COVID

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Working Well at Home

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Managing Remote Teams


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 by Guidewire Software on Coping with COVID

Very interesting and insightful, good overview of thing to watch out for on our team and how we can recognize issues. Very open style, good to use the chat window to make contributions and get people involved and participating. I enjoyed it, it made me think about those on my team and how I can help and support them.

 by Guidewire Software on Coping with COVID

Good starting point, broadly covered areas without going into too much detail too soon.
Very easy to follow and having us submit comments in the chat made it interesting.The Wellbeing Continuum was very interesting, I'm trying to look at my team with that as a reference during our 1:1s.

 by Guidewire Software on Coping with COVID

Thought provoking!

 by Guidewire Software on Coping with COVID

 by Guidewire Software on Coping with COVID

Very good in terms of quality and simplicity; Highly consumable. Maybe an opportunity to tailor the content to the current circumstances a little more? Acknowledge some of the new modes of interaction that people need to learn and improve to reduce stress and be more effective. Focus on adaptation rather abstention for those everyday activities that people come to rely on for a sense of "normality". Very engaging facilitator (apart from missing my joke and then compounding it by acknowledging the miss in painful detail. It did make me laugh though :)). Going forward I will I signpost sources of appropriate support more often, rather than try to solve the problem by myself.

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