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Building Resilience and Managing Stress
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 96 reviews
 by Suez, Peterborough

Good session and refreshing the day-to-day activities happening in the work and link with mental health.

 by Suez, Crayford

Very useful introduction to subject and lots of guidance on how to recognise and manage mental health issues.

 by Suez, Crayford

Very relevant - would help a lot with mental health issues. Trainer seemed to know his onions. His timely and informative approach kept us engaged.

 by Suez, Crayford

 by Suez, Crayford

Very relevant. The trainer had a rational and logical approach and the group exercises were very helpful. Very enjoyable training.

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POPULAR! Over 3000 satisfied managers and 100 UK companies. Customisable, CPD certified with certificates of completion. Book Now from £99 per head delivered on-site.

The Delphis Difference

Our Building Resilience and Managing Stress workshop comes with a host of additional benefits as standard and can be completely customised to meet your needs

Customisable Content

Booklets can be branded with your logo and in-house health and wellbeing support information

Complimentary Online Course

Complimentary one year’s access to our online Mental Health for Managers course

Flexible Delivery

Delivered on-site, online or as live webinars at a time and location to suit you

Certified CPD Points

CPD certified to evidence the development of professional practice

Certificates of Completion

Personalised certificates of completion free of charge for personal development planning

Personal Support

Designated facilitators who understand your organisation and customise course content

Featuring video case studies

We use video case studies from organisations such as See Me Scotland to bring our Building Resilience and Managing Stress Workshop to life.

Academically grounded, yet practical and relevant

We built our Building Resilience and Managing Stress Workshop from the ground up based on the latest evidence-based research, but with a focus on the practical tools and techniques managers need.

Modular Approach

Our Building Resilience and Managing Stress course is split into three one-hour modules. Each one equips managers with the essential tools and techniques they need to deal with important stress-related workplace issues.

Hour 1

The Biology of Stress

Recognising the dangers of chronic stress and the benefits of appropriate pressure.

Hour 2

A Personal Model of Resilience

Adapting to adversity and stress by building resilience.

Hour 3

Creating a Culture of Support

Creating a resilient working environment to promote wellbeing and performance.

Optimised Learning Outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Building Resilience and Managing Stress Workshop is the most useful and business-focussed course there is. We never stop learning from your feedback so our learning outcomes are the most practical and relevant they can be.

  • 1. The Biology of Stress

    Unmanaged stress can lead to mental and physical health problems. In this session, managers learn to recognise the dangers of chronic stress and the benefits of appropriate pressure by:
    1. Understanding the relationship between performance, pressure and stress;
    2. Recognising the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural signs and symptoms of stress;
    3. Exploring the links between stress, mental ill health and mental wellbeing.
    By re-evaluating their relationship with stress, managers will appreciate its positive and negative effects and how it affects themselves as individuals.

  • 2. A Personal Model of Resilience

    Resilience is the ability to adapt and cope when faced with adversity or significant sources of stress. In this session managers will learn how to build their resilience by:
    1. Developing emotional intelligence to recognise and deal with negative emotions;
    2. Learning cognitive coping skills to focus on solutions rather than problems;
    3. Building inner strength and making use of external sources of support.
    Managers will finish this session having built their own personal model of resilience that identifies their strengths and highlights strategies to improve.

  • 3. Creating a Culture of Support

    Personal resilience is only one side of the coin. The other is creating a resilient environment in which to work. In this session managers will learn how to create a culture of support by:
    1. Identifying the visible and invisible aspects of organisational culture that promote resilience;
    2. Applying the HSE’s Management Standards to assess and deal with workplace stress;
    3. Identifying ‘nudges’ to encourage positive behaviours and improve employee health and wellbeing.
    Managers will have worked through real-life examples of managing workplace stress and be aware of legal health and safety obligations

Your opportunity for invaluable insight and experience

Our customers love our Building Resilience and Managing Stress workshop for its practical content, our experienced facilitators and the great feedback. A dedicated point of contact who also delivers your course makes interacting with us and customising the course to meet your needs hassle-free and efficient.

The trainers are competent, experienced and engaging specialists and have received very good feedback from the deliveries last year. The course explained how to support any colleagues that may need assistance in times of increased stress or when developing mental health illness. It is recommended that all managers and supervisors are invited to attend this training.

Frank Heathman
Suez Advanced Solutions, UKIN Quality and EHS Leader

Per Head

£99 Value

GBP, Plus VAT.

  •  Customisable Content
  •  Quality Supporting Booklet
  •  Certificates of Completion
  •  Certified CPD Points
  •  Highly-Qualified Facilitators
  •  Dedicated Point of Contact
  • Complimentary Online Course
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Continually Updated
  • Evidence-Based

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