Coping with COVID
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Very interesting and insightful, good overview of thing to watch out for on our team and how we can recognize issues. Very open style, good to use the chat window to make contributions and get people involved and participating. I enjoyed it, it made me think about those on my team and how I can help and support them.

 by Guidewire Software

Good starting point, broadly covered areas without going into too much detail too soon.
Very easy to follow and having us submit comments in the chat made it interesting.The Wellbeing Continuum was very interesting, I'm trying to look at my team with that as a reference during our 1:1s.

 by Guidewire Software

Thought provoking!

 by Guidewire Software

 by Guidewire Software

Very good in terms of quality and simplicity; Highly consumable. Maybe an opportunity to tailor the content to the current circumstances a little more? Acknowledge some of the new modes of interaction that people need to learn and improve to reduce stress and be more effective. Focus on adaptation rather abstention for those everyday activities that people come to rely on for a sense of "normality". Very engaging facilitator (apart from missing my joke and then compounding it by acknowledging the miss in painful detail. It did make me laugh though :)). Going forward I will I signpost sources of appropriate support more often, rather than try to solve the problem by myself.

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Improve employee wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic


 Our Coping with COVID Webinar provides the essential practical skills you need to support your mental health and wellbeing through these challenging times.

  1. Identify opportunities and challenges

    Social distancing and the new normal of work is here to stay. Appreciate the health and wellbeing challenges and opportunities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. CLUES

    Recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health and wellbeing using the CLUES framework.

  3. Resilience

    Adapt and act. Take preventative action and make use of internal and external sources of support.

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Micro-learning Modules

We’ve sliced our Coping with Covid webinar into three easily digestible chunks.

These bite-sized blocks quickly and efficiently reveal the changes you need… to support you and your teams through the COVID-19 crisis.


Challenges and Opportunities

Everybody’s situation is unique. We live in different home environments, have different work circumstances, and are operating under different COVID-19 lockdown rules. What are the challenges and opportunities we all face?



We all move along a continuum of wellbeing over the course of a day, week, month or even year. Some days are better than others. Recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health and wellbeing using the CLUES framework.



Resilience is the active process of adapting well in the face of adversity. Adapt and cope more effectively with the COVID-19 pandemic using the right tools and techniques including the 4Cs and the biopsychosocial model.

  • At Guidewire, we recognised the threat COVID-19 posed to employee mental well-being, so we looked for two solutions. One that would support our managers to help their teams cope with the challenges associated with Covid-19, and one for our employees to understand their unique response to the crisis and how they themselves could build resilience to thrive during these uncertain times. Delphis offered these solutions.

    Rebecca Heavens
    Director of Learning and Organisational Effectiveness, Guidewire Software
  • Without hesitation we would re-engage with Delphis Learning for future training needs and we highly recommend their service to other companies. They are a highly professional, responsive company with great people, who genuinely felt like an extension to our team.

    Rebecca Heavens
    Director of Learning and Organisational Effectiveness, Guidewire Software
  • Delphis effortlessly allowed for cultural nuances of messaging and accommodated delivery of sessions in Asia Pacific (APAC) Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) and Americas (AMER) regions.

    Rebecca Heavens
    Director of Learning and Organisational Effectiveness, Guidewire Software
  • Delphis Learning was an immediate match for us in terms of course content and facilitation style. In less than 2 weeks they had collaborated on design and delivery of our global 'Mental Wellbeing Program' that sparked genuine interest and discussion about the importance of taking care of your personal mental health and of those around you. And, most critically, how to support a colleague remotely with declining mental health to prevent them reaching crisis point.

    Rebecca Heavens
    Director of Learning and Organisational Effectiveness, Guidewire Software

Optimised learning outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Working Well at Home Webinar is genuinely useful and effective. We never stop learning from your feedback so our learning outcomes are the most practical and relevant they can be.

  • 1. Challenges and Opportunities

    In this first session, you map out your home working terrain by:
    1. Comparing and contrasting home with your usual work location;
    2. Exploring the challenges we all face at home;
    3. Identifying the benefits working from home can offer.

  • 2. CLUES

    Certain personality types are more suited to working from home. Recognise your own personality type and identify your home-working pressure points by:
    1. Evaluating your personality traits against the Big-Five personality factors;
    2. Exploring how these traits affect your ability to work from home;
    3. Measuring your personality against that of an ideal ‘COSI’ home worker.

  • 3. Resilience

    The choice is simple. You either control your environment or you control your response.
    1. Appreciate the biological, psychological and social aspects of resilience
    2. Acknowledge the areas in which you are strong.
    3. Create your own personal model of resilience.

Your opportunity for invaluable insight and experience

Our customers love our Coping with Covid Webinar for its practical content, our engaging facilitators and the interactive learning experience. Focussed and to-the-point, quickly discover what you need to do differently to thrive in the new normal.

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  •  Highly-Qualified Facilitators
  • Continually Updated
  • Evidence-Based

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