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“What should I do differently now my team is working from home?”


The way we work has changed.


We all need to know how to thrive in this new environment and keep ourselves and our teams productive and healthy. In our Managing Remote Teams webinar, you will learn what you should do differently when managing remote team members.

Understand the risks

41% of remote workers report high stress levels. Learn why and what can be done to combat this.

Spot the signs

Apply the CLUES framework to spot the signs of someone who needs some help.

Do the right things

Know how to listen and what to say to promote a culture of resilience and signpost support.

Academically grounded, yet practical and relevant

We built our Managing Remote Teams webinar on the latest evidence-based research with a focus on the practical tools and techniques managers need.

Let’s stay focussed

We split our Managing Remote Teams webinar into three bite-size chunks.

These micro-learning blocks will quickly and efficiently show you the changes you need to make to successfully support your team.



Working from home is the new normal. But remote working can be harmful to health and to wellbeing. Explore the data about working remotely and recognise its challenges.



Contrary to popular belief, it’s not impossible to tell what is going on with remote workers. Here you will learn to use the CLUES framework to spot the signs of someone struggling in your team.



You’re not face to face, but you can still talk meaningfully with your team. Learn what to say when you spot CLUES that someone needs support, and create a culture of resilience.

Optimised Learning Outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Managing Remote Teams Webinar is genuinely useful and truly business-focussed. Your feedback is important to make our learning outcomes the most practical and relevant they can be.

  • 1. Challenges of Remote Work

    In this first session, understand the risks and benefits of working from home:
    1. Consider the challenges and opportunities of remote working in today’s WFH climate;
    2. Apply the biopsychosocial model to analyse the impact of remote working on physical and mental health;
    3. Appreciate the importance of personality traits for positive mental health outcomes.

  • The CLUES Framework

    People who find working remotely a challenge show certain signs. As a manager, you need to look for these signs and offer proactive support:

    1. Recognise mental health as a continuum that we all move along.
    2. Learn the CLUES framework to identify signs of mental health;
    3. Explore how each of these signs might manifest itself in your team;

  • 3. Meaningful Conversations

    For many people, no longer working alongside colleagues is an enormous change in their social circumstances. Learn how to be a supportive manager for remote team members and create a culture of resilience by:
    1. Knowing how to listen when an employee is finding remote work challenging;
    2. Using conversations to promote a positive working environment;
    3. Signposting to appropriate sources of support.

Your opportunity for invaluable insight and experience

Our customers love our Managing Remote Teams Webinar for its practical content, our engaging facilitators and the interactive learning experience. Focussed and to-the-point. You will quickly discover what you need to do differently to support your team in a fresh world of remote work.

Per Webinar

£499 Value

GBP, Plus VAT.

  • Delivered via WebEx, Zoom, Teams
  •  Bite-size learning blocks
  •  Certified CPD points
  •  Highly qualified facilitators
  • Evidence-based
  • Customised for you

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