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Our Managing with Emotional Intelligence Workshop comes with a host of additional benefits as standard and can be completely customised to meet your needs

Customisable Content

Booklets can be branded with your logo and in-house health and wellbeing support information

Complimentary Online Course

Complimentary one year’s access to our online Mental Health for Managers course

Flexible Delivery

Delivered on-site, online or as live webinars at a time and location to suit you

Certified CPD Points

CPD certified to evidence the development of professional practice

Certificates of Completion

Personalised certificates of completion free of charge for personal development planning

Personal Support

Designated facilitators who understand your organisation and customise course content

Academically grounded, yet practical and relevant

We built our Managing with Emotional Intelligence Workshop from the ground up based on the latest evidence-based research, but with a focus on the practical tools and techniques managers need.

Modular Approach

Our Managing with Emotional Intelligence course is split into three one-hour modules. Each one equips managers with the essential tools and techniques they need to manage with emotional intelligence.

Hour 1

Emotional Self Awareness and Self Management

Managers will learn the important building blocks upon which effective leadership is made.

Hour 2

Social Awareness

 Managers will learn how to improve their social awareness by understanding the needs, feelings, concerns and desires of others.

Hour 3

Relationship Management

Managers will discover the pinnacle of modern leadership and learn how to improve their relationship management skills.

Optimised Learning Outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Managing with Emotional Intelligence Workshop is the most useful and business-focussed course there is. We never stop learning from your feedback so our learning outcomes are the most practical and relevant they can be.

  • 1. Emotional Self Awareness and Self Management

    In this first session, managers will learn to recognise and manage their emotions by:
    1. Rating their management competencies on the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory;
    2. Applying Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to improve emotional health;
    3. Recognising and dealing appropriately with eight common thinking traps.
    By recognising and managing emotions, managers will understand their perks and pitfalls and their relationship to effective decision making.

  • 2. Social Awareness

    Social awareness means understand the needs, feeling, concerns and desires of others. Managers will learn how to improve their social awareness by:
    1. Empathising with colleagues and co-workers to understand their feelings and perspectives;
    2. Listening actively and providing summarising feedback in an appropriate manner;
    3. Recognising the importance of team roles and group dynamics in workplace settings.
    Managers will finish this session with an improved perspective of other people’s thoughts and feelings and strategies to improve social awareness.

  • 3. Relationship Management

    Relationship management is the pinnacle of modern leadership skills. In this final session, managers learn to improve their relationship management skills by:
    1. Enhancing a natural leadership style with the four domains of emotional intelligence;
    2. Building trust by showing up to work authentically and consistently over time;
    3. Aligning intentions with impact to motivate with social awareness to achieve results.
    Managers will finish with a firm understanding of the emotional dynamics of relationship management and how to put them effectively into practice.

Your opportunity for invaluable insight and experience

Our customers love our Managing with Emotional Intelligence Workshop for its practical content, our engaging facilitators and the interactive learning experience. A dedicated facilitator makes working with us and customising the course to meet your needs hassle-free and efficient.

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  •  Customisable Content
  •  Quality Supporting Booklet
  •  Certificates of Completion
  •  Certified CPD Points
  •  Highly-Qualified Facilitators
  •  Dedicated Point of Contact
  • Complimentary Online Course
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Continually Updated
  • Evidence-Based

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