Working Well At Home Webinar Still

You can work better from home – understanding your personality type is the key

 Our Working Well at Home Webinar provides the essential skills you need to identify your home-working personality type and how to make it work for you.

  1. Identify opportunities and challenges

    Working from home is here to stay. Identify opportunities and challenges to make your first steps to positive change.

  2. Understand your personality type

    Four personality traits make up the ideal home worker. Understand where you fit and how to improve.

  3. Analyse and act

    Make specific changes to improve your home working environment and master your work from home life.

Working Well At Home Webinar Still

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Stay focussed

We’ve sliced our Working Well at Home webinar into three easily digestible chunks.

These bite-sized blocks quickly and efficiently reveal the changes you need… to make working from home work better for you.


Challenges and Opportunities

Are isolation, distraction and work-life balance issues a problem? Working from home presents both challenges and opportunities. Learn to identify where challenges exist and discover how to take advantage of opportunities and stay productive.


Personality and Pressure

Everyone is different, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to effective home working. Take our psychometric test to discover your unique personality type and explore how it relates to your home working environment and the specific pressures you face.


Analysis and Action

To work well from home, you need to control your environment or it will control you. Here you make an action plan for future change. It’s a plan specific to you — based on your personality type and the challenges and opportunities of your home working environment.

Optimised Learning Outcomes

We work hard to ensure our Working Well at Home Webinar is genuinely useful and effective. We never stop learning from your feedback so our learning outcomes are the most practical and relevant they can be.

  • 1. Challenges and Opportunities

    In this first session, you map out your home working terrain by:
    1. Comparing and contrasting home with your usual work location;
    2. Exploring the challenges we all face at home;
    3. Identifying the benefits working from home can offer.

  • 2. Personality and Pressure

    Certain personality types are more suited to working from home. Recognise your own personality type and identify your home-working pressure points by:
    1. Evaluating your personality traits against the Big-Five personality factors;
    2. Exploring how these traits affect your ability to work from home;
    3. Measuring your personality against that of an ideal ‘COSI’ home worker.

  • 3. Analysis and Action

    The choice is simple. You either control your environment or you control your response.
    1. Appreciate the biological, psychological and social aspects of resilience
    2. Acknowledge the areas in which you are strong.
    3. Create your own personal model of resilience.

Your opportunity for invaluable insight and experience

Our customers love our Working Well at Home Webinar for its practical content, our engaging facilitators and the interactive learning experience. Focussed and to-the-point, quickly discover what you need to do differently to work better at home.

Per Webinar

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  •  Certified CPD Points
  •  Highly-Qualified Facilitators
  • Continually Updated
  • Evidence-Based

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