Introversion and Working from Home

Quiet? Prefer to spend time alone with a handful of carefully selected friends? Like to limit social contact and conversation? You are an introvert.

At the other extreme is the extravert. You are happy being the centre of attention. Talkative and socially energetic, often considered the life and soul of the party.


Dealing with Working from Home – Extraverts

With a need for social interaction the isolation of working from home is likely to leave you frustrated and less productive. Particularly if you live alone. Ensure your social needs are met by plenty of interaction. Virtual meeting anyone?

Your extraverted ways, when coupled with high conscientiousness, mean you perform well at work. A less conscientious extravert may not do so well WFH. The temptation to chat may be too much.

You are a strong team player but watch those work and life boundaries. Be careful that your need for social stimulus doesn’t dominate. Strike a balance between social contact and work output. Regular meetings with your manager will help.


Dealing with Working from Home – Introverts

The opportunity to work from home may well be a golden ticket for you introvert. This is your time to shine!

You cope well with being alone for long periods and are likely to enjoy the increased solitude of WFH, plus you are proficient at individual tasks.

You may need to review your home working environment though. If you are surrounded by a family making noise and wanting attention you will need to establish a clear boundary between work and home life.

If possible, work in a designated space ideally with a door you can close to reduce interruptions.

You may need to set a reminder to check in with your team now and again, schedule regular meetings to keep up to date with what is happening outside your world.