Openness and Working from Home

Does a solution to a problem you have been pondering pop into your head whilst taking a shower or putting the recycling out? Do you like to reflect on problems for a while and then come up with imaginative solutions?

With a vivid imagination and a head full of ideas, a person high in openness is this kind of creative thinker. They’ll ponder a while on work issues and then forge ahead with new ways of tackling problems.

Conversely, some with low openness is more cautious and consistent. They favour the tried-and-tested approach and excel at getting clearly defined jobs done.

Dealing with Working from Home – Low Openness

If working from home is new territory for you, you are likely to find it a challenge.

People with low openness prefer to work with others in ways which are familiar. Collaboration is key for you. So make sure you still feel part of the gang even from within your four walls. Find out where projects are heading and get input from others when you are not sure what is expected of you.

When working alone from home you will work best if you are given clearly defined tasks. These tasks should be practical rather than creative in nature.

Maintain regular contact with your team and manager so you can work at your most productive.

Dealing with Working from Home – High Openness

You are on to a working from home winner!

A high openness score generally means you are well-suited (even if not booted) to working from home.

You come up with ideas and think deeply about the projects you are working on. You take on tasks independently and develop them creatively no matter wherever you lay your hat, so home working works well for you.

Just make sure you keep all this inspiration in check. You will benefit from regular contact with your manager to ensure you know just which of your great ideas you should be working on.