Building Resilience and Managing Stress

Building Resilience and Managing Stress

This three-hour ‘Building Resilience and Managing Stress’ workshop will change attitudes towards workplace stress. Managers will learn about the benefits of pressure and the negative consequences of stress and what they can do to help themselves and your organisation. They come away with practical strategies for managing stress and harnessing pressure in order to increase productivity and improve wellbeing.

Hour 1: The biology of stress and how to perform under pressure

Stress is not an illness in itself, but unmanaged it can lead to physical and mental health problems. In this first session, managers learn to recognise the dangers signs of too much stress and the benefits of the right amount of pressure by:

  • Recognising the physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural signs and symptoms of stress
  • Understanding the relationship between performance and pressure
  • Exploring the links between stress, mental ill health and mental wellbeing

By re-evaluating their relationship with stress, managers will appreciate its positive and negative effects and how it affects them as individuals.

Hour 2: Building a personal model of resilience

Resilience is the ability to adapt and cope when faced with adversity or significant sources of stress. It is a learned behaviour rather than something we are born with. In this session, managers will learn how to improve their resilience by:

  • Developing emotional intelligence to recognise and deal with negative emotions
  • Learning cognitive coping skills to focus on solutions rather than problems
  • Building inner strength and making use of external sources of support

Managers will finish this session by building their own personal model of resilience that identifies their strengths and highlights strategies to promote these strengths.

Hour 3: Creating a culture of support

When it comes to building resilience and managing stress, personal resilience is only one side of the coin. The other is the environment in which we work. In order to create an organisational culture of resilience managers need to know how to create a culture of support and why this matters. In this session, managers will learn how to:

  • Identify the visible and invisible aspects of organisational culture in order to promote resilience and manage stress
  • Apply the Health and Safety Executive’s Management Standards to assess and deal with workplace stress
  • Change organisational culture to encourage positive behaviours and improve employee wellbeing

At the end of this session, managers will have worked through real-life examples of how to manage workplace stress and fulfil employers’ legal health and safety obligations.

Praise for our Building Resilience and Managing Stress workshop

“Excellent content directed specifically at line managers with varying perspectives along the way.”

“Felt culture and environment was well established. Everyone felt that there was no pressure and comfortable to contribute. A no stress workshop/course.”

“All trainers were very knowledgeable, they didn’t just read from a presentation. It was all in real terms and very engaging.”



Half day – 3 hours.


Delivered on site, at a venue local to you, or in York.


Available to suit you.